Unique Gifts On Etsy!

1 03 2013

You can now get a unique fishbowl from our Etsy Store!

We have limited lines available on there at the moment, but I am eager to get making
unique, one of a kind custom Fishbowls with any theme for anyone!

If you have an idea, or a seed of an idea for a gift for a loved one then get in touch
and we will see what we can do.

Etsy is a marketplace full of original handmade items, It has 22 million users worth while so should be a great place for us to shift some fishbowls,

Surely someone out of 22 million wants to pay 20 notes for a figure of Drugs scandal Duel extroadinairre Shadow for their goldfish!



15 02 2013



Terminator themed Fishbowl!

This Goldfish Bowl features the classic Terminator Robot.
Custom Fishbowls are an idea spawned from my young daughters desire to have her favourite TV characters used to furnish her pet goldfish bowl.
After being pleasently surprised with the outcome of my first attempt I have been working on a range of adult themed novelty fishbowls.
Great unique gift ideas, can be customised to any theme you desire. Whatever next!
I am Flogging these on Etsy!
Check out the shop here!